No one talks about us!

The blended family.  Everyone talks about divorce and how families are split.  People talk about how awful their “baby daddy’s” are and how crazy the “ex’s” are.  The truth is not all situations are that way, and most of the time you can prevent that kind of drama.  You can minimize the pain for the children and work as a team your ex and current spouse.  So here goes… Here’s the things that no one talks about.  The life I live.

I have a beautiful life with my better half and three children.  We have three amazing children, but none with each other.  My daughter is a gift from my high school sweetheart, his son was born of his first marriage, and my son is a surprise from my past marriage.  As you can see none of our children have the same parents.  We parent together and also co-parent with three other people to give our children the life they deserve.

Parenting can be hard with just two people trying to come together and decide what’s best for a child.  How do we do it with three other parents involved?   That’s exactly why I started this blog!!  I wish it was a simple answer, one I could simply write one post about.  However, there is so much that goes into how and why we do things.

I hope while I continue to learn and write that I can help those out there who are in a similar situations as me.  There are so many good out comes that are possible for families and children of divorce.  It doesn’t always have to be that mom and dad don’t get along.  You don’t have to hate his/her ex.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or suggestions.  If you have a situation and would like to know how I would try to handle it to avoid “drama” I’d be happy to help!  We owe it to our children to get along and work as a team with everyone in their life!



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